Groupe Aplus constructs the buildings and manages retirement homes and wellness touristic centers.

The objectives are construction costs rationalization and functionality, optimization of the buildings, as well as maintenance and energy costs control during the use of the building.
Wood construction, geothermal energy, biomass, renewable energies, environmental integration, geo-biological study, Feng-shui, HQE certification (High Environmental Quality = French certification) and optimization of the relation between residents and their house are the major concerns during the construction.

Groupe Aplus remains legacy owner of some of our buildings but can also outsource to private or institutional investors concerning the building ownership we conceive and build.
Our know-how in financial engineering allows is to adapt every project to its appropriate financing.

Groupe Aplus has created two specific construction certifications, as regards retirement homes: the Alzhea® construction certification, as well as regards wellness touristic centers: the Vitalclub® construction certification. Theses certifications have been created according to precise specifications conditions.