Groupe Aplus has appealed to the Gerontological Environment and Staging Agency Alzhea for training as well as for prevention and welcome of elder people in retirement homes.

The ambition :

Maximize the environment and promote care
Together for elder people
Solutions for a better life

Alzhéa Formation is an organization specialised in social and health field, as well as in gerontology.

Alzhéa training is based on a humanist approach coming from a 15 years experience with persons needing assistance and from recent researches in social sciences and geronto-psychology (Montessori Method, non-medicinal therapies, …).

Alzhéa supports Groupe Aplus EHPAD Egologique ® concept for the residents in retirement homes, and the persons who take care of them.

The objectives :

- Develop and enhance all the gerontology professionals skills
- Improve the practices and highlight the trainees skills to enhance their skills in order to be able to adapt themselves to the job evolutions
- Reveal everyone’s potential and their ability to work in a team

Expertise fields:

Support persons suffering Alzheimer disease:
- Personalised project
- Help with behaviour troubles
- Adapted activities (RSI)
- Verbal and non verbal behaviour

Adapt the environment to the residents:

- Spaces staging and living places use
- How to create adapted sensory areas
- Create activities around those sensory areas

The management:

- Support project management
- Give everyone roles, missions, functions
- Create a positive team dynamic
- Achieve a performance for oneself and for the others