Contribution for a better life

What an ambition for the project I set for the company!
But to take care night and day of elder people, most of them dependent, to conceive a living space as well as to give cares in the spas we create, to design precisely for the wellness of our clients, or to create tourism projects fitting the nature to welcome those clients willing to take care of their health, it can’t be otherwise!
Therefore, with great humility as well as conviction and perseverance, we always keep in mind this objective while conceiving: contribution for a better life constantly…

The values conveyed by Groupe Aplus result from an idea which:

- Puts the human at the heart of our priorities: this is “égologie”
- Enhances the relation with nature and the seeking for a healthy and harmonious environment: this is “ecology”.
- Appeals for logic, reasoning, reflection and common sense

Egologie :

Philosophical idea putting the human being at the heart of every project and making all projects to be conceived around the human being.

For more than 20 years, this deep conviction has been guiding Groupe Aplus reflection in all the concepts we have been developing and applying, by seeking for a healthy and harmonious environment, by seeking for wellness through balance, life hygiene and health prevention.