Sainte Anne retirement home

Sainte-Anne retirement home is located in the city of Saumur, in the French Region of Pays de la Loire.
The city center of Saumur is only at a 2 minutes car distance, and Saumur Railway Station is at 4 kms.
Sainte Anne retirement home currently welcomes 43 residents (single persons or couples) in individual or connected rooms for single person or couples, permanently or temporarily. The building is made of 2 floors for the 43 rooms.

EHPAD Egologique ® soon

This retirement home is being moved to a new building made of wood, and will be composed of 87 rooms. It will follow the specifications we have created in order to make it an “EHPAD Egologique ®”.
The Chapel, dated 1931, will be preserved and will be part of the new home great hall.

This will be made of an amphitheater directed to the sun where our residents will livetogether :
- Car-park of 32 places for visitors and the staff
- 2 inside patios will give natural light and 3 gardens in the middle will also bring a lot of light to the rooms.
- 2 Alzheimer units of 12 and 14 beds, with view on the garden, will be created to welcome all the residents according to their pathology.
- Several lounge rooms, living rooms, private rooms, care rooms, Espace Vital Mieux-Être ®, Jardin Mieux-Être ® and a central social area with South orientation terrace.