EHPAD Egologique®

Backed by its experience of conception and management in retirement homes for almost 25 years, Groupe Aplus has developed the concept of “EHPAD Egologique” ®, innovative solution to take care of the elder persons.

EHPAD Egologique® : “My other home” is a living place where the awareness of both the residents and the people working there are at the centre of all the setting.

From the construction to the care for elder persons, Groupe Aplus ensures the wellness of everyone by putting the human being at the centre of priorities.

An innovative building adapted to everyone wellness

The main priority for EHPAD Egologique® is the close relation between the inhabitant and the home.

Based on the geo-biological study of the place and the maximization of energy inside the home, all the environmental interactions are analysed so as to propose a safe and harmonious living place, respectful of everyone wellness.

EHPAD Egologique® is based on an innovative architectural project with an ecologic approach (respect of nature, renewable energies, wood construction) and a human dimension where the full-fledged person is at the centre of the reflexion and of the actions.

By this ecologic approach, Groupe Aplus helps each person to grow old well and keeps permanently searching for wellness.

With the maximization of the harmony between the home and the inhabitant, EHPAD Egologique® is also backed by most recent scientific studies on ageing and health prevention, in order to guarantee a better life balance and hygiene for everyone. Indeed, the approach set in EHPAD Egologique® is part of the preservation and development of health resources so as to live every moment of life as good as possible.

A personalised support to grow old better

The resident is placed at the centre of the reflexions of the EHPAD Egologique®. They are not anymore considered just as patients, but as a full-pledged human beings feeling emotions and having moving skills.

The places are set up and staged to be both helpful and stimulant all in allowing everyone to be leader of his environment and to feel at home. EHPAD Egologique® is “my other home”.

The personalization of the care of the elder person, whatever his pathology, fits into a non-medicinal and sensorial therapy approach. The point is clearly to give everyone peaceful, wellness and even pleasure moments.

To complete this analysis, Groupe Aplus has created inside the EHPAD Egologique® a space dedicated to the wellness of the residents: “Vital Mieux-Être® area.” This place offers relaxing, stimulant comfort cares and a pleasure place where everyone share wellness moments. Extending the personalised care of the elder person, the “Jardin Mieux-Être®” is at the disposal of the residents and their families to offer them an additional living place where nature, thought and staged, becomes a place for exchange between each and everyone.

In the EHPAD Egologique®, we search for everyone wellness through a new way of thinking social connections. Like the residents and the employees, families and friends are also essential actors of the EHPAD Egologique®. They are involved and sensitive to create a better common life and to ensure a better life together.

Skilled staff to live better together

The idea developed in the EHPAD Egologique® gives a new thinking of the care of the residents, based on social and know-how skills of the staff for the wellness of the persons.
The policy of health prevention and research of wellness for the professionals helps the setting of specific actions for the employees guaranteeing the success of the EHPAD Egologique® and the support of the residents.
The staff receives a training all along their career, allowing them to understand the expectations and the needs of everyone and thus to adapt their practices to the “égologique” approach.
Matching the permanent research for wellness, Groupe Aplus has created a place dedicated to the employees named Vitalclub®. They can resource, relax and like this become more attentive and aware of their social relations. This place is part of the “wellness together” and of the life harmony inside the EHPAD Egologique®.