Vitalparc® - Egologique Resort®

The rushing and stressing urban civilization paradoxically creates a cultural process in favour of consumption and recreation.
The seeking for wellness is one of the most important concerns nowadays; this is also a new way to enjoy holidays.
The new way of life, which we call “égologique”, matches nature, balance and life hygiene.
Take time for yourself, revitalize in harmony with the nature, while lastingly preserving your health: these are the expectations of more and more clients.

Vitalparc® creates a global tourism concept of wellness in line with the behavioural evolution of the consumers:

- The need to revitalize
- The pleasure without ties
- Improving the living conditions
- Going back to the roots and services fulfilling the needs

Vitalparc® is a resort composed by accommodation structures and a Spa / Balneotherapy area of more than 1 000m², plus spare time activities concerning the nature and life hygiene. This resort is different from other tourism resorts because of our eco-biologic idea, issued from the construction process and the welcoming everyday life of the clients and the staff, in a cosy place opened on nature and its close environment.

Vitalparc ® is the first touristic concept in France applying health prevention, life hygiene and balance principles to tourism.
Indeed, it offers practical and learning programs of awareness to health issues such as food troubles, stress troubles, sleep troubles, backache.

Vitalparc ® clients can be individuals, families, companies, willing to help health troubles at work for their employees.