Aplus Santé Retirement Homes

For almost 25 years, Groupe Aplus has been committing itself to the creation and management of retirement homes for valid or dependant elder persons.

Specialized in the care for dependance, Groupe Aplus currently manages 9 retirement homes: 8 in France and 1 in Barcelona, Spain, meaning more than 500 beds.
Every home offers warm and convivial living places with both security and wellness for every person – resident, employee, family.

Our values

Willing to take good care of elder persons, Groupe Aplus works to offer everyone the best living, care and support conditions, to enjoy every moment.

The elder persons and their family are at the heart of the reflexion and actions set everyday.

In every Aplus Santé home, a project is set up, both ambitious and demanding; combining:
- Respect of the welcomed persons, their rights and liberty, their dignity,
- Kind and heartwarming listen,
- Quality welcome and care,
- Living places adaptation to feel at home,
- Personalization of the support to answer the needs and expectations as best as possible.

Groupe Aplus ensures the « wellness together » in the medicalized homes by proposing everyone an adapted and secured environment where the human being is at the centre of the priorities. So is set a life harmony, where wellness, share, exchange are daily keywords.

Our know-how

Thanks to its experience as both creator and manager of medicalized homes, Groupe Aplus benefits from a recognised know-how to offer every person quality services.

The synergy of wellness and health activities of Groupe Aplus has allowed to develop an innovative concept: EHPAD Egologique®, new solution for a quality support of the elder person whatever their autonomy level.

All in following security standards, the staging and setting of the homes gives comfort and conviviality so as to allow everyone to light up at their own pace, such as at home.

Through a kind listen, all the staff working in the homes create a special relation with every resident and their family to guarantee a quality care.

Permanent training sessions based on the skills, the know-how and social aptitudes, given to the professionals of Groupe Aplus, have the aim to help adaptation and permanent improvement of the services as part of the life quality of the residents.

Our homes

Domaine de l’Echeneau (Poitou, France) – 57 beds with the project of construction of a new building of 77 beds .

Résidence de l’Etang (Ile de France, France) – 77 beds.

Parc des Salines (France-Comté, France) – 77 beds.

Domaine du Thurier (Picardie, France) – 32 beds with the project of construction of a new building of 80 beds.

Résidence Sainte Anne (Pays de la Loire, France) – 43 beds with the project of construction of a new building of 87 beds in 2014.

Val Fleury (Picardie, France) – 71 beds with the project of construction of a new building of 84 beds .

Chaminades (Aquitaine, France) – 80 beds.

Tournelle (Ile de France, France) – 127 beds.

Résidence Azurimar (Barcelone, Espagne) – 98 beds and 10 places of day care.